Thomas Rekem – Organizing An Ultimate Frisbee League

Thomas Rekem loves to play ultimate Frisbee and is involved in a league. If you do not have a league in your area but wish to organize one, these tips can help. Once you have a league you can host your own tournaments.

Find A Field

You will need a field or area where you can host events and tournaments. You may want to check with the schools or churches in your area. Parks may be another option. Any area with enough room for the tournaments will work.

Find Interested Teams

You will need to have a bunch of teams that are interested in playing. This can be a difficult part of organizing your league. The teams will have to form themselves or you may even want to assign players to a coach. See what works best in your area and what gets the best response.

Organize Tournaments

You will need to organize tournaments within your league. This can also take a lot of time and you may want to consult with other leagues to see how it is done. You will need to send out information to all of the teams in your league and create a schedule and purchase awards.

Starting your own ultimate Frisbee league can be difficult but it will pay off if you love to play ultimate Frisbee Thomas Rekem enjoys being a part of a league and encourage those who do not have leagues in their areas to start their own leagues.

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