Thomas Rekem – Tips For Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Thomas Rekem enjoys many different hobbies and sports. He loves to be outdoors and stay active and one of his favorite sports is ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to meet new people and have fun. If you are thinking about playing or already play but want to improve your game, these tips can help.

Don’t Give Up On The Disc

An important tip to remember is that the disc is catchable until it touches the ground and you should not give up on catching it until then. Dive, jump, slide and do whatever is necessary to save the disc from hitting the ground. Even if you don’t catch, it is always a good idea to try.

Pump Fake

If you need to throw the Frisbee but another player is standing too close, you can always pump fake and trick them into backing off so you have some extra room to make your throw. You need to figure out when it is the right time to pump fake and want to avoid doing it too often as it will become predictable.

Don’t Rush

When you have the Frisbee you have ten seconds to throw it. Don’t hurry to get rid of it. Plan your toss and movements carefully. Taking your time is important and can make the difference in a good or bad play. Always look around you before you toss to see who is open.

Catch With Two Hands

You may be tempted to try to catch the Frisbee with just one hand, but it is best to catch it with two whenever possible. Catching with both hands will ensure the catch and allow you to react faster after catching so you can throw it to another player or score. You may think you are good enough to know need to use one hand to catch the Frisbee, but pride isn’t worth dropping it.

Create Plays

Sure it’s fun to get out there and wing it, but you will much more successful if you create and follow plays with your teams. You can create simple plans and share them before the game. Your plays will throw the other team off and give you a better chance at scoring and winning.

If you enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee like Thomas Rekem or have never played before and want to give it a try, these tips can help. Ultimate Frisbee is a fun and challenging game that will get you moving and having fun while enjoying the outdoors. It is the perfect sport for people of all ages and you may find that it’s addictive. Remember to practice hard and try new things to become a better player.

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