Thomas Rekem – Submitting Photos To Publications

Thomas Rekem is a professional photographer who takes many photos of animals and outdoor scenes. He has submitted these photos to publications and many of them have been published in brochures, magazines and even on post cards. If you are a professional photographer who wants to get his photos published, follow these tips for submitting them.

Find an Agent

If you plan to have your photos published, it may be a good idea to find an agent who can help you. An agent may have connections to magazines, books and other publications and will be able to help you submit your photos properly.

Follow Submission Guidelines

Many publications have strict submission guidelines and if you don’t follow them your photos won’t be viewed and the entire process will be a waste of time. Check the publication websites for information on submitting your photos.

Submitting Online

There are many publications that have websites that publish photos as well. You can often submit your photos for these sites online or via email. Make sure your online submissions are complete and organized and that the photos you send are in the right format. You will likely receive an email that tells you if your photo was accepted and will be published.

If you are a professional photographer like Thomas Rekem and want to have your photos published, there are certain things you must do to make that happen. If you are patient and follow the correct submission guidelines, you may someday see your photos in a popular publication.

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