Thomas Rekem – Tips For Taking Photos Of Wildlife

Thomas Rekem is a professional photographer. He spends a lot of time taking photos of things in nature, particularly wildlife. Photographing wild animals can be difficult at times, but if you are patient, you can get some amazing photos. Here are some tips for photographing wildlife.

Be Patient

It can take a while for an animal to come to the area where you are taking photos or to give you a good angle for the perfect photo. Make sure you are patient and don’t chase the animal or push your limits with it. Let it get used to you and then snap your photos at the right time.

Be Aware Of Your Scent

Some animals will not come around if they can smell a human or a scent that is out of place. Make sure you do not have a strong smell of cologne, perfume or smoke. There are products that can be used to mask your natural scent as well.

Do Not Disturb

Remember that when you are photographing animals you should only be observing them and capturing them on camera. Do not try to touch, pet or play with them. They should not be disturbed at all. If you bother the animals, they may learn to fear humans or even cameras and will not cooperate for your next photo or the next photographer.

Thomas Rekem has taken photos of numerous wild animals. He admits that it takes a lot of patience and practice to take great photos. If you are a photographer, or are aspiring to be one, make sure you are using the above tips to help you capture perfect photos.

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