Thomas Rekem – Marketing Secrets

Thomas Rekem has a unique perspective on marketing. He worked for a year for a marketing agency as a copywriter in Detroit after graduating from the University of Detroit Mercy with a Creative Writing degree. He learned the basics of exposure, marketing messaging, target markets and customers, and more. Rekem then took the laws of marketing and the skills he developed and used them for his own gain. He started writing fantasy novels, something he has always wanted to do. He used his marketing expertise to find readers for his books, and he soon built a readership thousands strong all over the world.

All marketing strategies start with a target audience. What is the product or service you’re selling and who will it appeal to the most? Finding an ideal customer is the first step in designing a marketing plan. An ideal customer is someone who would use your product or service when they need it. For example, who is likely to call for a roof repairman when their roof leaks? The ideal customer here is a homeowner who can afford roof repairs. The next step is to design a marketing campaign featuring symbols, phrases, and messages that will speak most directly with the ideal customer and resonate well with them. Thomas Rekem mastered the art of creating marketing plans for his novels.

Thomas Rekem will release his eleventh novel in December of 2015 with a limited physical copy release in Detroit to go along with its concurrent digital release.

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