Thomas Rekem – Building a Story from Scratch

Thomas Rekem thinks of every one of his many fantasy stories as a structure from which he hangs all the other elements of his writing. Everything, from the setting to the major events of the book come from the basic story structure built on the merits and faults of all the characters. As the characters try to get what they want, they come into conflict with each other, and a story is born. Rekem always starts with his characters and lets the story build itself from what they want and how they plan to get it. As Rekem fleshes out his story, he peppers in details of the setting and creates new rules that affect all the characters and how the story turns out.

There are really only two basic types of stories ever invented: the stranger comes to town story, and the journey. Almost every story you will read in any work of fiction is one or the other, with its own twists and turns. Thomas Rekem has built a career as an indie author by crafting journey stories. There’s nothing wrong with this, because journeys tend to expose much about a character as he or she faces challenges along the way. How characters react to impossible or difficult situations is the best way to expose who they really are to the reader.

Thomas Rekem has written ten fantasy novels in five years. He graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing.

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