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Thomas Rekem – Organizing An Ultimate Frisbee League

Thomas Rekem loves to play ultimate Frisbee and is involved in a league. If you do not have a league in your area but wish to organize one, these tips can help. Once you have a league you can host your own tournaments.

Find A Field

You will need a field or area where you can host events and tournaments. You may want to check with the schools or churches in your area. Parks may be another option. Any area with enough room for the tournaments will work.

Find Interested Teams

You will need to have a bunch of teams that are interested in playing. This can be a difficult part of organizing your league. The teams will have to form themselves or you may even want to assign players to a coach. See what works best in your area and what gets the best response.

Organize Tournaments

You will need to organize tournaments within your league. This can also take a lot of time and you may want to consult with other leagues to see how it is done. You will need to send out information to all of the teams in your league and create a schedule and purchase awards.

Starting your own ultimate Frisbee league can be difficult but it will pay off if you love to play ultimate Frisbee Thomas Rekem enjoys being a part of a league and encourage those who do not have leagues in their areas to start their own leagues.

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Thomas Rekem – Benefits Of Being A Website Designer

Thomas Rekem is a website designer. He taught himself these skills and now runs a very successful company. He loves being his own boss and encourages other people to consider a career as a website designer. There are many benefits to the profession.

Work From Anywhere

When you work as a website designer, most of your work is done remotely. You can work with customers all over the world and work from your own home or anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. If you want a job that is flexible, web design may be right for you.

Good Pay

Web designers make good money and can set their own rates. Many charge by the hour while others charge by the project. The better you are at your job, the more people will want to hire you and the more you can charge for your services.

Let Your Creativity Show

Web designers get to let their creativity show. They get to choose the way a website looks and functions and can try different things to see what is visually appealing and what the customers like best. Many web designers get to let their creativity flow through their designs.

Thomas Rekem loves being a website designer. If you love computers are good at working on them or want to work in the industry, make sure you understand the benefits of this career and keep it in mind. You may decide you want to be a website designer once you see all the benefits.

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Thomas Rekem – Tips For Playing Ultimate Frisbee

Thomas Rekem enjoys many different hobbies and sports. He loves to be outdoors and stay active and one of his favorite sports is ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee is a great way to meet new people and have fun. If you are thinking about playing or already play but want to improve your game, these tips can help.

Don’t Give Up On The Disc

An important tip to remember is that the disc is catchable until it touches the ground and you should not give up on catching it until then. Dive, jump, slide and do whatever is necessary to save the disc from hitting the ground. Even if you don’t catch, it is always a good idea to try.

Pump Fake

If you need to throw the Frisbee but another player is standing too close, you can always pump fake and trick them into backing off so you have some extra room to make your throw. You need to figure out when it is the right time to pump fake and want to avoid doing it too often as it will become predictable.

Don’t Rush

When you have the Frisbee you have ten seconds to throw it. Don’t hurry to get rid of it. Plan your toss and movements carefully. Taking your time is important and can make the difference in a good or bad play. Always look around you before you toss to see who is open.

Catch With Two Hands

You may be tempted to try to catch the Frisbee with just one hand, but it is best to catch it with two whenever possible. Catching with both hands will ensure the catch and allow you to react faster after catching so you can throw it to another player or score. You may think you are good enough to know need to use one hand to catch the Frisbee, but pride isn’t worth dropping it.

Create Plays

Sure it’s fun to get out there and wing it, but you will much more successful if you create and follow plays with your teams. You can create simple plans and share them before the game. Your plays will throw the other team off and give you a better chance at scoring and winning.

If you enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee like Thomas Rekem or have never played before and want to give it a try, these tips can help. Ultimate Frisbee is a fun and challenging game that will get you moving and having fun while enjoying the outdoors. It is the perfect sport for people of all ages and you may find that it’s addictive. Remember to practice hard and try new things to become a better player.

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Thomas Rekem – Tips For Designing An Attractive Website

Thomas Rekem designs website for a living. He taught himself how to design and also helps teach others to do it. If you are ready to design a website and want to make it as attractive as possible, follow these tips.

Keep It Clean

The world is full of clutter and distractions and when someone wants to find out information on a website they don’t want to be overwhelmed by something busy and overly fancy. Make sure you keep the website design simple and organized. Make sure photos and text each have their own space and that there are no transitions, fancy cursors or too much movement. Your website should be easy to navigate and read.

Check Out The Competition

Before you begin a design spend some time checking out other websites with similar topics or niches. You don’t want to copy someone else’s work, but it is okay to use it as inspiration and to get an idea of what kind of layouts and designs you like best, which ones work and which ones don’t. You can also check out website design tip websites that offer tips and advice for designers.

Use Patterns

The human eye is drawn to patterns and people are often comforted and interested in them. When someone notices that your website is organized with patterns, they will be drawn to it and will likely spend more time on it. Try to organize your photos and other features of your website so that they form a pattern on each page.

Choose The Right Text

Just because you like the way a text looks doesn’t mean everyone will agree with you or that it is the right text to use on your website. Make sure you choose a text that is easy to read. It is also important to choose the right size text and the right spacing. You may need to play around with several different font options before you find the one that works the best for your website.

Create A Mobile Version Of Your Site

These days most people access the Internet from their cell phones. Make sure you create a website that can be viewed and navigated from a cell phone or tablet just as easily as it can from a computer.

Thomas Rekem has been designing website for many years and thoroughly enjoys it. He loves the freedom the job allows him and he enjoys helping people. He knows what it takes to make a great website and how much of a difference the little things can make when it comes to web design. If you are designing a website, make sure you follow the above tips to make it success.

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Thomas Rekem – Dummy Text

Thomas Rekem is a professional web designer who also teaches courses on web design as his local community college. He teaches beginning, or introductory courses, as well as intermediate and advanced web design.
The introductory course covers many topics that are basic to web design. One of the areas that some students find fascinating is his discussion of what is called Lorem Ipsum, a kind of dummy text that is used in developing web sites to provide the appearance of content, when there is no actual content.
Using a Powerpoint presentation, Thomas Rekem shows his students what he calls a standard Lorem Ipsum passage:

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam…”
Lorem Ipsum, he explains, predates the computer industry by about four centuries. It isn’t random; it’s been used by printers since the 1500s, and is essentially unchanged. Lorem Ipsum really is a standardized non-language. Web designers can find sites that generate chunks of this text, and they can paste it into their developing sites so that they can get an idea of what, say, five hundred words looks like as they style paragraphs and decide where to place them on the web page.

Thomas Rekem uses Lorem Ipsum all the time, but says that some web developers don’t like it. “They think that with Lorem Ipsum they can’t see how real text will behave.” Some like to copy and paste English texts into their sites instead.”

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Thomas Rekem – Don’t Try This At Home

Thomas Rekem is a self-taught web designer who says that anyone who really puts his or her mind to it can learn to not just make simple websites, but sites that are as slick and cutting-edge as anything you’re likely to surf onto when navigating through the World Wide Web.

It’s more than a little ironic, he says, that he teaches web design at a local community college. “I don’t tell my students they can learn this stuff at home, on their own, if they were so inclined,” he laughs. “But it’s true. They could.”
When he teaches his entry-level classes, he always begins the first session by asking his students how many websites they have already visited that day. Not whether they’ve visit a site or two, but how many. “The answer is usually a cacophony. Everyone’s hand goes up – no one has not visited at least a few sites, in the course of an ordinary day.”

And that, he tells them, is the point. Everyone is using the Internet, and the sites we all visit are designed by people no smarter than his students. He spends most of the first session de-mystifying what makes a website, breaking a typical page down to the main components of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As the term progresses he advises his students to pick an area of web development that really interests them. He assigns his students basic website development projects and urges them to build it without following a step-by-step tutorial.

The key, Thomas Rekem advises, is to get the students to commit to practicing for a specific amount of time each day. In addition to his teaching, he is a freelance web designer.


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